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Ibiza Gay barsMost gay and gay friendly bars in Ibiza offer something very similar: A combination of terraces, barmen and a Mediterranean atmosphere, generously augmented by the stunning backdrop provided by the Dalt Vila.

If you enjoy your own company, or are going with a gaggle of mates, go out where and when you feel like it. You can just about get trashed in a different bar every night.

If you are seriously into your clubbing, you may not venture into the bars, outside of the Oriental/Dome, Angelos/Soap area - but you should there are some great intimate bars to enjoy a drink. A night out on the town in Ibiza is late starting and can last twenty-four hours. Most bars start to get busy around 11pm, and many stay full past 3am. It is not unusual to be still eating in a restaurant at midnight (you may well need the energy in the early hours of the morning). Nor is it unusual to arrive back home without a tan.

Ibiza Gay barsIn the heat and humidity of summer, sitting outside any of the bars may be your first instinct, but most of bars are now air-conditioned so you may well want to explore inside and take a break from 'being seen'. Don't worry, if anyone likes you, they'll probably follow you in.

Almost all of the staff in Ibiza are friendly and love to get to know the punters (they like a good shag too, but not quite as much as a free meal). There are almost always free tickets available for most clubs, and these are often passed on to this weeks 'mates' so ask early and don't forget a bribe/tip. You will be surprised at the contacts most bar staff have for those evening extras. (Some club 'reps' see it as a god given right to sell the NOT FOR SALE free entry tickets - well everyone has some little extra to pay for, there is that much competition on the club scene this year, you should have little problem not having to pay in!)

If you are going to Ibiza in high season, sit/stand/shuffle and get soaked with drink, outside on the terraces. During the mid-low season, explore some of the excellent interiors and get to know the staff and owners.

Drinks are cheaper out of Ibiza town - making Figueretes a popular place to start a night out. On average expect to pay €6 for a long drink in a bar. It is about the same as Gran Canaria (double the cost of a drink pre-Euro).

Below is a selection of gay bars in Ibiza. Map references refer to the location of the bar on Ibiza Gay Map

Gay Bars in Ibiza
Bar Name
Bar Address
Map Location
 Alfonso XII, 11
 C/de La Virgen, 79
 C/de La Virgen 62
 Sa Carossa 4
 C/de La Virgen 32
 Pedro Escanellas, 3
 Alfonso XII, 5
 C/de La Virgen
 C/de La Virgen, 57
 C/de La Virgen, 40
 C/ Ramon Muntaner 26
 Sa Carossa, 3
 C/de La Virgen, 10
  C/de La Virgen, 32
 C/de La Virgen, 64
 Alfonso XII, 3
 Ramon Muntaner, 33
  Santa Lucia 23/21
 C/de La Virgen, 44
 C/de La Virgen, 83

  C/de La Virgen, 61


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