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Ibiza Gay cruisingThe whole of Ibiza town is that friendly, it is difficult to know what is friendly and what is cruising.

There are a number of areas that attract guys who -
• like their outdoors activity,
• need to escape from the boyfriend for a quick, uncomplicated, fiddle about, or
• are just two tight to buy a drink in a bar.

Unless our research missed something there are five main cruising zones.

• Rocky headland below Dalt Villa
• Es Cavallet - beach - dunes - woods
• Figueretes - the promenade

• Dalt Villa Walls
• Figueretes behind swimming pool

It is easy to arrive in Ibiza off the 2:30 from anywhere in Europe and forget that homophobic behavior exists. Easier still not to give a damn about what the locals might think, seeing two men at it on 'The Ramparts' at four in the morning.

Ibiza Gay cruisingAny problems when out cruising tend to exist at the very beginning of the season (around Easter), when the current set of local closets discover 'post-pubescent anxiety', and feel the need to express their feelings the only way they know how.

The local constabulary are very good on this front, and if any problems do develop, they are very quickly stamped on. (The offender can often be found doing rent in Majorca two years later.)

Any other problems are usually to do with couples suffering from post-domestic trauma, discovering each other out on 'The Ramparts', after too many chems three nights earlier. (Don't interfere, they will turn on you.)

If you do meet the body of your dreams, you do not have to do anything that you do not want to. If you get into something that is going too far, excuse yourself and leave ('I need to go for a piss' usually works, 'I need to go for a shit' should also ensure that they don't follow you - if they do... run!). Know what you are looking for, and do not take any risks, you are supposed to be enjoying yourself on holiday.

Ibiza Gay cruisingTake your own condoms (and 'you are respectfully requested' - by the Ibiza authorities - 'to take all litter home with you').

If you come across cruising areas by accident, or go looking for them, remember to be friendly (should anything untoward, or unwelcome descend on you, you may appreciate the help of others).

The more you cruise, the easier it gets, but don't become blase, keep your wits about you.

Don't take valuables, personal stereos, wallets, watches, etc. If you are off of your face, go to a club instead, or if you must go, take someone with you. Make sure you know where the cliffs are. (It happens). If there is any trouble out there, try not to make yourself a target.

There are three main cruising areas in Ibiza (unless you know different.) All carry less risk than anywhere else in Europe, but can present their own particular problems. (Don't forget your mozzie-spray. You will get eaten alive at night.)

The Ramparts above La Muralla, and the headland through the "Tunnel of Love".
Ibiza Gay cruisingThe dirt track that continues from Calle Ramon Muntaner out of Figueretas leads to the side entraces to Dalt Villa. Below the track and to the sea is one large cruising ground. For obvious reasons this area is best avoided after dark or when you are "unsteady on your feet".
This area is frequented all year round, and is ridiculous in summer... If you haven't been there before, go and enjoy the view during the day. This will also help ensure that you know how to get out quickly, if necessary. There are dangerous drops into the sea, and onto the rocks, or off of the rampart walls (into at least a couple of the gay bars). Falling in the wrong place, with your jeans around your ankles, is at the least embarrassing, and is usually terminal for those involved.

The swimming pool at Figueretes.
The back wall of this swimming pool becomes a hyper active gay playground after midnight until dawn. The beach and promenade nearby are also cruised by those between visits to the rear. Dodgy as hell, but it does get busy in summer. If you can't swim, don't go... Outside the Sud apartments provides a safer alternative, and if nothing else, you may get a cup of tea.

The beach (Es Cavallet) in 'The Enchanted Forest'
Ibiza Gay cruising(scrubby sand dunes).
Exactly what you would expect. Take a bottle of water, (sandy mouth is hell) and sun lotion as you may not notice that you are burning whilst 'otherwise engaged'.
Don't take valuables to the beach, and keep your possessions with you when cruising (unless you have a friend 'possession sitting', in which case keep checking back with them - you may not have had enough, but they may want/need to go).

La Muralla Gay Sex Club -
Dalt Villa, as mentioned in the BARS section holds a variety of theme nights including 'White Underwear' and 'Nude'.

The Deep Centre Sex Club
The Deep Centre Sex Club Ibiza If you find yourself in Figueretes, visit The Deep Centre Sex Club.

'The Deep' originally opened as 'Sauna Mediterraena' and has previously been a sauna, gym and now it has been restyled, renamed and re-launched as a private mens cruise club. With a bar, snacks, cabins, dark room, videos, and music, all this and it is air conditioned.

Entry costs between €10 and €12. watch out for discount tickets around town. The Deep is open very early morning (after the clubs close, through to noon daily. Even later when if it is raining in the summer season.

The entrance can be difficult to find, it is between The CUBE and Cafe Central, underneath and around the back of a block of flats.

If you are driving, there is a car park at either end of Ramon Muntaner - One behind the Fraile Gym and one by the Molinos hotel. There is also street parking all around the Deep Center.

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