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Ibiza Gay BeachesThere are over 80 different beaches on Ibiza, each one with its own character and atmosphere. Some are sandy, some have pebbles, some are busy and easily reached, others are remote and secluded. There is a beach for all tastes. (see map).

There are two main superb gay beaches on Ibiza, with a scattering of other popular beaches around the island.


Ibiza Gay Beach

Really the whole of the south of the island has a bustling gay culture ingrained in the clubbing and tourist scene so no problemos with the closed minded on this little beauty of a Med Island. Cruising rules pretty much across the south so get ya glad rags on. Also, there's no shortage of Nude beaches and sunbathing spots, with plenty of private rocky coves if your bits are for the chosen few alone. Playa des Cavallet, just south of the airport in Ibiza has to be the most popular gay beach on the island, but Ibiza is an island of miles of unspoilt coastline and you choose your spot according to taste. If you're looking for seclusion you'll find it on Ibiza's coast! Watch the occasional jellyfish, and keep the sun lotion flowing to avoid the lobster factor.


Ibiza Gay Beach - Chiringay

Ibiza BeachesThe Gay Beach - Es Cavallet (Chiringay)
Probably the best gay beach in Europe is located at the far end of Playa des Cavallet, on the southernmost tip of Ibiza. With a clean, clear stretch of Mediterranean sea and sand, no kids, and the added benefit of a gay beach coffee bar playing tranquil sounds throughout the day. Es Cavallet really is the nearest thing to a gay paradise this side of Tracy Island.

Ibiza Gay Beach - Es Cavallet Considered a trek by some, the trip is invariably worthwhile, as there is plenty to keep you occupied when you reach your destination. (Unlike many of Europe's other 'gay' beaches that appear to exist to provide a sandy shag, and little else.)

One of the biggest draws is the beach bar and restaurant, Chiringay (taking its' name from 'chiringuito', the Spanish for beach bar), which has a wide-variety of fresh dishes on offer throughout the day, every day, and a separate juice bar if you want to appear to be refreshingly healthy for an hour or two.

Ironically the only drawback is the popularity of the beach bar. The busier it is, the exponentially slower the service. Given the number of tables, they could do to employ more staff during the day and during the lunch period, actively encourage the 'tables of six', usually sharing one bottle of wine while showing off the tan, trunks and sun glasses, to move on in a reasonable, caring sharing length of time.

Ibiza Gay Beach - Chiringay Also on offer at Chiringay are showers and masseurs, toilets, a beach shop (selling sarongs, jewellery, etc.), plus the inevitable parasol and sunbed hire. If you want a sun bed, try to get there relatively early during the height of the summer, as they tend to be in short supply by lunchtime. You could also try tipping the sunbed guy, he does remember you, and often knows where to put his hands - on the occasional bed.

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes, nobody being fussed whether you strip off naked, or spend the day wrapped up head-to-foot beneath an umbrella. With calm seas, the shallow waters are perfect for experienced and inexperienced swimmers alike. If you value your privacy, or just want an all-over tan without exposing your privates in public, there are plenty of little coves and quiet corners with you in mind. The rocks at the far end of the beach are great for snorkeling and watching the little fishes (or just swim out from here, and watch the wildlife shagging in their private little coves).

Chiringay Ibiza Gay BeachTo get there: The beach is directly south of the Airport, just the other side of the salt flats, and the 'pine forest'. Look at any map, pick the furthest point and head there.

There are car parks at the northern (straight) end of Es Cavallet beach, and a much larger one to the south west, near the Las Salinas bus stop. Whichever you choose, expect a twenty-minute walk to the gay beach, the most tranquil being through the pine groves from the larger car park.
From the Es Cavallet car park - the first road left as you head towards the end of the salt flats (it is signposted), park: Follow the coast (with the sea to the left) until you get to the rainbow flag flying above Chiringay.

From the Las Salinas car park (at the end of the salt flats, where the bus stops and turns around), head to the southernmost corner of the car park (usually the furthest point from where you've parked, unless you get there early), and follow the dirt road, which winds its' way down to the gay beach. You will eventually spot the rainbow flag, as you get closer.

Ibiza Gay Beach - ChiringayA straight-line through the pine woods is quicker, and more sheltered from the sun, but this well-beaten path is best found by following or asking someone who knows where they are going (there will be no shortage of willing gay men heading down to the beach, and they'll probably give you directions as well).

During the height of the season, the car parks tend to get very, very busy, so either get there early, or take the bus. Aside from being cheap (€1.10 to Ibiza Town - ensure that you have the correct change), taking the bus means you and your friends can share a few sangrias when you're down on the beach.

Make Es Cavallet and Chiringay high on your list of wanton priorities when you go to Ibiza, and you will inevitably go back for more...


Los Molinos Gay Beach, Ibiza

Sitges BeachesGay Beach - Los Molinos
Es Cavallet is not the only popular gay beach.

The one you're most likely to use, if you're gay and/or in the know, is what's commonly known as "The Little Beach at Figueretes". Midway between Ibiza Town and Figueretes, beneath Puig des Molins ("hill of the windmills"), the easiest way to get there is to ask someone for directions, as it's well off the beaten track.

The beach is small, secluded, covered in pebbles, and comes complete with a strategically placed rock that you can swim out to, and adorn with your golden-brown, sun-kissed body. If you can't swim, you're stuffed.

Come to that, if you are not too good at impersonating a mountain goat, you could have trouble getting to this beach in the first place.

Ibiza Gay Beach - Los MolinosTo get there: From Figueretes, head uphill towards Ibiza Town along Calle Ramon Muntaner (once you've past the Panoramic apartments, the road becomes first a car park, and then a dirt track), keep going until you reach the telephone box (it is usually in working order), then turn right down the unlikely-looking street of Calle Cirer y Vela (the path leading to the Rosello Apartments).

Alternatively, if you're coming from Ibiza Town, start at Dalt Vila's Portal Nou (the back passage to the old town, beneath the huge "La Caixa" sign in the main square), and head uphill until you come to a wide road tunnel (also part of Calle Ramon Muntaner). Go through this, and further uphill you take a dirt track branching off to the right. This will take you to the same telephone box near the Rosello Apartments.
Ibiza Gay Beach - Los MolinosFrom this point, head down Cirer y Vela (basically a long, terraced staircase) until you get to a small turning off on your right (through two posts), that looks like it's going nowhere. This is the top of some very precarious steps. Follow the steps to the bottom, and then follow the coastline (clambering over rocks on the way that are not for the less able-bodied or faint-hearted), until you get to a very picturesque, and secluded, pebble beach.

Even though it is next to Figueretes and the Dalt Vila, nude sunbathing is fine, but there are no facilities, and it will get very crowded. Very popular with clubbers, and bar and club staff (basically, people who get up way too late to make the trek to Es Cavallet, or who want it a bit quieter than the other beaches).

If this beach is too busy, or if you just don't fancy this much aggro, there are other beaches...


Ibiza Gay Beach

Sitges BeachesOther Beaches
4 If Los Molinos beach is too busy (you will be able to judge this as you start walking down the steps), go back up to Calle Cirer y Vela (where you turned down the cliff off of the steps) and follow the steps/road down to the bottom. There are again rocks to shimmy over, but these are nowhere near as intimidating as the ones to the Figueretes beach.

Ibiza Gay BeachIf you follow the coastline round, you will see the sunbathers to the north east of the cathedral beneath the city walls. It can be very cruisy. Again, however there are no facilities, and not particularly comfortable or inviting (unless you're staying close by, in which case you can take all the comforts of home with you).

The laziest option, particularly if you're staying in Figueretes or one of the other mass-tourist resorts, is just to grab a towel and park your arse on the nearest bit of sand to your accommodation. Don't. You really are missing out on some fabulous people spotting, and may as well stick to Magaluf for your next holiday, if you fail to take advantage of Ibiza's gay beaches.

Ibiza Gay BeachAt the other end of the scale, if you want to be more adventurous, and have either a car or bikes (and you really don't want to be seen, or more likely don't fancy your boyfriend getting to see what else is on offer), head along the coast and explore. There are thousands of coves and headlands to explore and swim off, and some of the prettiest beaches don't get walked on from one year to the next. (Check out the book store in Ibiza town, for a selection of books covering all of Ibiza's beaches.) Just don't go on your own, you wouldn't want to risk dozing off and waking to find yourself burnt to a crisp, and your clothes and belongings gracing some little oik in Sa Penya!


Chiringay beach Ibiza


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